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Domestic Services Guide

Our prominent domestic courier services include Overnight Express, Sameday Express, Early Bird Deliveries, Economy Airfreight, Road Freight, Saturday AM Deliveries, Saturday PM, Sunday & Public Holiday Service, Outlying Areas, Consulate Visa Service and Excess Baggage Service. Throughout the delivery and collection process, there is dedicated and competent team that will handle all of your domestic courier service’s needs. FeinFreight offers various courier services that are flexible, cost effective and reliable.

SAMEDAY Local and National Centres Lodged an hour before 1st available flight and delivered
2 hours after landing.
Monday to Friday
Regional Centres Special drive away. Please call FEINFREIGHT to make specific arrangements. Surcharges applicable On request only
EARLY BIRD Local and National Centres Delivery before 9am on the following business day. Monday to Saturday
Regional Centres Only done when special arrangements have been made. Surcharges applicable. On request only
OVERNIGHT Local and National Centres Delivery by 10h30 the following business day. Monday to Saturday
Regional Centres Within 24 – 48 hours depending on the area. Most days, area specific
DOMESTIC AIRFREIGHT Local and National Centres Within 24 – 48 hours Monday to Friday
Regional Centres 48 hours Most days, area specific
ROAD FREIGHT Local and National Centres 48 – 72 hours Monday to Friday
Regional Centres 48 – 96 hours Monday to Friday


Sameday Express
This courier service offers a speedy door-to-door express delivery service, the same day as collection! Transit time is an hour before the first available flight and is delivered two hours after landing. This domestic courier service is offered from Mondays to Saturdays in both Local and National Centres.

Overnight Express
This service offers a fast, reliable and efficient Overnight Express service. FeinFreight will deliver your parcel by 11:30am the following business day within local and national centres. We will deliver your parcel within 24- 48 hours within regional areas (depending on the area).

Early Bird Deliveries
This courier service offers superior handling for urgent and time sensitive documents and parcels. For Local and National Centres, the delivery will be made before 09:00 on the following business day from Mondays to Saturdays. Regional Centres need to make specific arrangements for deliveries through FeinFreight and is available on request only.

Domestic Airfreight
We meet your domestic courier services by offering domestic airfreight services which provides delivery for parcels or documents with 24- 48 hours in Local and National Centres from Mondays to Fridays. This courier service is also available for Regional Centres on most day (area specific) within 48 hours.

Road Freight
This is an efficient and reliable courier service which offers a Road Freight delivery service of between 48 and 72 hours from Mondays to Fridays for Local and National Centres. This exceptional service is also available for Regional Centres on most days (area specific) within 48 hours.

Saturday morning
All collections are done between 08:00am and 13:00pm.
Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Public Holidays
These courier service collections are done after 13:00pm on Saturdays, all day Sundays and Public Holidays.

Outlying Areas
Collections/ deliveries to any destination further than a 40km radius from a National Centre.


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